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Your one-stop shop
for parcel delivery

Delivery Wizard is your all-in-one booking platform, where you can take advantage of our exclusive discounts on parcel services and effortlessly book and arrange anything from a small van to an arctic. If you want to send parcels regularly in bulk or simply want to send a one-off parcel, Delivery Wizard is the team for you! Delivery shouldn’t be a burden, which is why we find customers a courier service that matches their budget, needs and timescale.

We don’t just help with business deliveries, if you have forgotten a birthday until the last minute we can help you pick the fastest delivery option for the best price. If you want to send a parcel to family, friends or loved ones, we can help ensure their package arrives safely and on time.

Regardless of your needs, let the Delivery Wizard team work their magic to help you save money and provide you with the best option for delivery!


More than just
sending a parcel

We’re not just your typical delivery partner, we treat your business as we would our own. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, focusing on providing you with better rates than you’d expect elsewhere and what really sets us apart is our unique and personalised customer support.

What makes us truly special is our dedication to offering a bespoke service. Think of us as an additional part of the team, always ready to lend a hand. Whether you need help with paperwork, navigating customs requirements, tracking down your goods or ensuring crucial information is directed to the right department, we’ve got your back every step of the way. We’re here to handle these tasks efficiently and effectively, saving your business precious time and eliminating unnecessary stress.

High volume personalised service

Do you have a large stock profile? Do you want better prices for your courier services? No problem. Get in touch to discuss bespoke pricing plans. We’re dedicated to finding you the best and most discounted prices for your deliveries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.